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DAndrea 311 6 String Elastic Guitar Capo

It's certainly not perfect, but it's been around for ages, so it can't be that bad. And it does have a certain cult factor.
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D'Andrea 311 6 String Elastic Guitar Capo

The elastic band used for the 311 is the secret of its success. Most copies use elastic bands which are too tense. These capos lose their position and apply too much pressure on the strings, which makes gets them all out of tune.

No problems though with D'Andrea's 311. Cheap and simple. Keeps things simple and uncomplicated.

Works best between the third and seventh fret, which is the area where frets are used most anyway.

D'Andrea 6 String Elastic Guitar Capo Features

• Bright colors

• Strong elastic

• Clamshell package

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