C.A. Seydel Blues 1847 Noble D Harmonica

C.A. Seydel Blues Session Steel D Harmonica

C.A. Seydel Blues 1847 Noble D Harmonica

The 1847 Noble, the highlight of the 1847 Blues Harmonica family. An uncompromising instrument built using the best materials and Seydel over 160 years of experience in the construction of harmonicas.
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Seydel Blues 1847 Noble G Harmonica

The 1847 NOBLE is an 1847 Blues model with stainless steel reeds, newly designed coverplates, matte stainless steel covers with side-vents (openings on both sides), and optimized sound projection. The NOBLE features a cone-shaped lower coverplate for low keys (LF to LC), which results in minimized reed rattling in holes 1 and 2 draw, even if played hard. The new comb is accurately milled from aluminium, anodized in black and has the SEYDEL logo laser-engraved on the back.

Other characteristics include superb air-tightness and improved handling due to the greater weight of the instrument, new tactile oval key stickers, which remove the danger of holding the instrument the wrong way round (even in the dark), along with corrosion-free, fine-cut reedplates made of German Silver. The reedplates are affixed with stainless steel screws and have extremely close tolerances between slot and reed for best possible tone control. These instruments are precisely factory adjusted, pitch-stable and feature durable reeds and rivets both made of Stainless Steel, again for optimal tone response and a full sound.

The 1847 NOBLE is the jewel of the 1847 Blues harmonica collection. An instrument built without compromise; made from only the best materials available and with over 160 years of SEYDEL’s harmonica manufacturing experience.

Seydel Blues 1847 Noble Features 

• New acoustic cover: frosted stainless steel lid with side sound holes - optimized sound projection and distribution of air pressure at abgedecktem game

• Conical bottom sounding board for the low keys from LF to LC - minimization of striking the first and second pull-reed even at loud game

• new comb from accurately machined aluminum, black anodized and laser engraved SEYDEL logo on the back - very good tightness and improved playing feel greater weight of the instrument

• new, palpable, lenticular sticker key - no abrasion and no risk of the instrument upside down to take in hand, even in the dark

Play minimal tolerances on the reeds for the best tone control - • good corrosion-free finely cut reed plates made of nickel silver with stainless steel screw

• Factory adjusted very precisely, voting stable and durable reeds made of stainless steel with stainless steel rivet - optimal tonal response and full sound

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