Stagg 5 Piece Drum Set 22 Kick Black

Taye Rockpro 5 Piece Classic Kit Brushed Copper

Astro 5pc Wine Red Drum Kit Set

Great quality entry level kit, complete with drums, cymbals, sticks and throne, 12" and 13" rack toms, wine red finish.
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Astro Classic 5 PC Drum Kit Wine Red

Astro Drums 5 Piece Complete Drum Set includes EVERYTHING you need! Even FREE CYMBALS! Whether you are just getting started as a beginner drummer, are an advancing drummer, or need a practice kit, this set provides excellent tonality and is constructed of quality materials that are built to last. And With its black counterhoops and lugs it doesn't look too bad either!

Features :

• Poplar Shell: 8 ply, 7mm

• Attractive Black Triple-Flange Counterhoops and Lugs

• Free Cymbals: 16" Crash and 14" Hi-Hats

• Laminate Finish

Hardware Included : 

• Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

• Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand

• Double Braced Cymbal Stand

• Double Braced Snare Stand

• Drum Throne

Available Configurations :

• MAX522C: 22"x16", 16"x16" Floor Tom, 13"x10" and 12"x9" Rack Toms, 14"x5.5" Snare

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