Ashdown Rootmaster 500 Evo Head

Ashdown Rootmaster 500 Evo Head

500-watt Bass Guitar Amplifier Head with 5-band EQ, Overdrive, Compression, Subharmonic Generator, Effects Loop, XLR DI Output, and Headphone Output

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Full-featured, Lightweight Bass Head

Discerning bass players rely on the Ashdown RM-500-EVO II for reliable tone and rock-solid performance. This 500-watt Rootmaster EVO II series head features a 5-band EQ, overdrive, subharmonic generator, and onboard compression for endless tweaking and tonal flexibility. The RM-500-EVO II is great for gigging and practice alike. Run straight into a soundboard without a DI box, thanks to an XLR output. A rear-panel headphone output makes silent practice easy. Beyond that, you can crank up backing tracks and jam along via a separate input with Line Mix level control. And despite all of these convenient features, the RM-500-EVO II weighs a mere 34 pounds!

An EQ built for tone tweakers

Ashdown bass amplifiers are known for their flexible equalizers. The RM-500-EVO II has a 5-band EQ specially voiced for bass guitar, with bands at 1.5kHz and 240Hz to tame growly mids and muddy low end, along with traditional bass, middle, and treble controls for broadband sculpting.

1-knob overdrive, compression, and subharmonics to shape your sound

A flexible EQ is only half of the tone-shaping power the RM-500-EVO II has to offer. Live and studio musicians are sure to appreciate the simple one-knob compressor for adding extra punch and smoothing out leads. A flexible overdrive control dirties up your sound with subtle grit to full-on fuzz. And for floor-shaking bass, you can dial in the RM-500-EVO II's onboard subharmonics generator for an instant boost in low-end resonance.

Ashdown delivers the modern bass sound

With an artist roster that has included Adam Clayton of U2, James Jamerson Jr., and John Entwistle of The Who, Ashdown is responsible for shaping the sound of the modern bass. Ashdown amps serve up punchy dynamics with powerful, controlled lows and modern sheen. Check out the RM-500-EVO II for an amp with tones and features that won't let you down on the road or in the studio.

Ashdown RM-500-EVO II Head Features:

  • Compact, lightweight bass amplifier head
  • 5-band EQ for flexible tone shaping
  • 240Hz and 1.5kHz specialty bass bands clean up mud and tame honky midrange
  • Compressor adds punch, smooths out leads
  • Drive control dials in smooth saturation or aggressive fuzz
  • Subharmonic generator adds floor-shaking low resonance
  • Line Mix knob lets you connect and jam along with music
  • FX loop for routing rackmount gear and pedals
  • Rear-panel headphone output with accompanying On/Off switch makes silent practice easy
  • Drive and subharmonic effects can be controlled via optional footswitch (sold separately)
  • Ready to gig with speakON/phono speaker output and XLR DI output
  • Weighs a mere 34 lbs.


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