Aquila Red Thunder series GDAE

Aquila Red series Tenor Ukulele String Set

Aquila Red Series Tenor Ukulele String Set Low G

This is the new nylon Low G from Aquila. It's a mix of Nylgut and red copper powder resulting in about twice the density of the normal white Nylgut.
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Starting with Nylgut, Aquila adds red copper powder to increase the density of the string to almost twice as much. This results in a stiffer string capable of lower tunings, less breakage and better intonation. Filing of the nut slot may be required.

Gauge: 1.00 mm (.039 in)
Single packaged 4th designed for Tenor Low G tuning

To avoid potential problems, please make sure the string slot in the nut is wide enough. This is easily determined by putting the string in the slot and visually checking the fitment before installing the string. A radiused lower edge at the fingerboard side is also very important. Some ukes have a sharp lower edge. These strings are very reliable under correct conditions.

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