Aquila Alabastro Superior Classical String Set

Aquila Alabastro Normal Classical String Set

A fundamental aim of our research has therefore been to design a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut, but without its typical defects
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Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings Normal Tension

The Aquila Albastro Nylgut string is distinguishable by its milk-white color, has a specific density and acoustical qualities nearly identical to that of gut, and is the first synthetic gut string version of the natural product. This Aquila Albastro set comes with standard wound basses (silver plated over a nylgut core).

Other strong points of Aquila Albastro Nylgut are its elevated resistance to wear under tension-greater than that of gut-but even more important is its extraordinary immunity to changes of climate, considerably better than that of Nylon and thereby ensuring a superior stability of tuning under normal conditions.

Aquila Albastro Nylgut can be used advantageously as a substitute for Nylon strings for plucked instruments. For example, Nylgut strings are particularly well suited for the 1st through 5th courses of the renaissance and d minor baroque lutes. Aquila Albastro Nylgut is also excellent for baroque guitars, vihuelas, ukuleles, and 19th century banjos.

Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings

• Normal Tension

• Gauges in mm 0.67 - 0.83 - 1.00 - 0.70 - 0.86 - 1.06

• Code : 19C

• made by Aquila Corde Aromoniche S.r.l. in Italy

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