Alvarez Artist elite slim dread black walnut body w/EQ

Alvarez Artist elite slim dread black walnut body w/EQ

Alvarez Artist Elite ADWS77CESHB Dreadnought Shadowburst

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The handsome ADWS77CESHB dreadnought from Alvarez from is built to be the perfect gigging companion, with its all walnut construction delivering fantastic tone, electronics that will carry that great tone on into your PA or amp, and a slimmer-than-average body shape that'll feel comfortable for a long night's music, sitting down or standing up.

Walnut Construction

The ADWS77CESHB features an all Walnut construction. Walnut in a guitar emits a tone with a bright top end and a very present and pleasing midrange, giving your notes plenty of dynamic response and definition. The tone of Walnut also tends to deepen nicely as it ages too.

Body Shape

The ADWS77CESHB features Alvarez' Slim Dreadnought body shape. Being a little narrower front to back than an average dreadnought, it sits comfortably in the lap for playing while retaining the Dreadnought's great projection and quick response.


LR Baggs' powerful tone shaping Stage Pro EQ system is coupled with their innovative Element pickup system that reproduces the vibration of your guitars top, picking up your guitars' most subtle nuances. This pairing gives you a guitar that sounds amazing plugged in, straight out the box!


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